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Firstly, OptiOpto is a trading name of John Allsopp, a sole trader operating in the UK and I am fully registered with the https://ico.org.uk/

This page does normal things, for instance, it stores cookies which are simple bits of text stored in your browser so we know it's you as you browse from page to page.

I do have a mailing list and if you click the checkbox I'll add you to it. I send out occasional high quality emails about marketing independent opticians. I value your attention and trust and only seek to earn it. You can leave the mailing list at any time without question by simply clicking the link at the bottom of every email.

Of course I take precautions over your data security and have no plans to pass on any of your data to anyone else.

This website also contains software from Facebook and other platforms that allows for monitoring of user behaviour and retargeting of reactive ads. I only know you are you, however, if you (willingly) provide your information.

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