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You can be the social media star of your practice and make a real difference!

Yes it's worth it, yes it's easy, and yes it's almost effortless

I had a conversation with a practice manager last week that went something like this:

Me: "I notice you've not posted much on social media recently"

Them: "yes, it feels like we could end up making a lot of effort for not much reward"

Me: "Do you feel able to create a post that people will like?"

Them: "I really don't want to bore people, that feels like going backwards, even damaging. I don't think I could create anything people will love."

Let's fix your social media marketing

  1. If you think social media won't make a difference, check out the 424 shares this independent optician in Greece got from this one post! That took their message to at least 33,072 targeted people, saving you the cost of an average ad in a local paper targeted at 'everyone'!
  2. My unique software automatically collects and ranks Facebook posts from the UK's independent opticians so you can see the real-world social media posts that are working today. It automatically takes account of whatever changes Facebook throws at us.
  3. You can just adapt whichever of these best-practice ideas takes your fancy for your practice. It takes maybe 10 minutes flat if you can cut & paste and post to Facebook. You can do it! This is all you need.
  4. It's also OK if you only do this occasionally, because even just that will put you in the top performing independent opticians in the country! Even once a month is better than most.

It worked 'yesterday' for another independent opticians practice like yours, do you think this won't work for you today?

One great Facebook post, proven to work, is better than a hundred 'so what?' posts.

Here's all you need. Subscribe to this weekly report and I'll send you the top five posts from UK independent opticians, fresh each week, as discovered by my unique research software.

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