Social media for independent opticians

".. people started coming into the practice saying they'd seen my Facebook post .. that had never happened before! "

I've developed something unique.

So .. you know I'm a digital marketer, but I'm also a programmer, and Facebook lets us write programs to interrogate what people have been posting ..

so I wrote software to find all the independent opticians in the UK (in the world actually but let's stay relevant)

to download all their posts

to work out which are the best at engaging customers (in other words which posts did people love!).

My software is always watching.

So basically, instead of the struggle to create interesting content, all you have to do now is copy the best ideas from other independent opticians and adapt it for your own practice.

Easy, right?

I'll show you a great Facebook post. You more or less copy it. Repeat occasionally. Everyone loves what you do. Promotion. Glory. Awards. All that.

The only question left is, how do you want it?

You can get it as a one-off PDF of the top 12 social media posts in the last year. Maybe test it out. See if I'm talking rubbish or not.

When you want to get a little more serious, here's a weekly feed of the best independent optician social media posts in the last 7 days.

Up to you.

(It is easy, I promise.)

(Pretty soon I will 'launch' a service where I will do the posting for you, so sign up below if that's how you want it and you would like to be notified and get a good introductory price.)


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The top 12 Facebook posts by independent opticians

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