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Here's how this Greek optician got a crazy 424 shares for their simple Facebook Post


So, this Greek opticians post. So far my opticians social media research machine has looked at thousands of social media posts (I built it myself you know, I'm proper proud) and this is the stand out winner.




OK, check this out: https://www.facebook.com/IriniKap/photos/a.324862367576469.79896.158695374193170/1786834454712579/?type=3&theater


When you're there, click [see translation] (unless you speak Greek).


(Here's a screenshot just in case)



So let's see.


First of all, it's a competition with an in-built viral sharing mechanism. To win, people have to:

  1. Like the page (this gets you more 'likers' to make your next promotion even better)
  2. Share the image publicly
  3. Tag 2 friends

It's immediately do-able anytime of the day, and those who know what to do to enter will feel they have an advantage (and they will be the best connected people).


What do you think the value of the prize is? Maybe £30 retail, what do you pay, £10? This is cost-effective marketing, right?


I've done competitions for a particular frame as a prize and .. well .. as a customer you think maybe that frame won't suit you so you doubt yourself before you start. With these contact lenses everyone should be happy.

The photograph is a straightforward pack shot. Nothing amazing there. Right click the image off the suppliers' web page.


The only other thing to say is that the competition lasts 13 days, long enough for the viral effect to happen, short enough to make the prize within grasp.


I wouldn't end it on 12pm of any day because I'm never sure whether that means noon or midnight, but a Thursday is a great day to pick the winner, I would just do it, say 4pm. The winner will get told on the Facebook Page.


The copy is very specific on the products you could win. Specificity is good, let there be no ambiguity or doubt.


Finally, there are a few bits of language you can steal: lucky winner, new competition, good luck.


Basically, you could put this together in 10 minutes.


So .. go do it, let me know how it goes :-)


All the best
John Allsopp


PS. I'm collecting the top twelve independent opticians' social media posts into a report. It's not quite finished yet, but the idea is maybe you could do one a month and win both at social media and at time management :-) If you would like to receive that when it's done, click here.


PPS. I really would like to know how it goes, make a diary note to get back to me

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