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Stop posting boring Facebook posts!


How would you like to get better Facebook results for your opticians practice (and do less work)?

I've written some unique software that automatically collects Facebook posts from the UK's independent opticians over the last 12 months and compares their results. Sneaky, eh?

For the first time you can find out exactly the best things to do to publicise your practice using Facebook!

Grab my list now of the top 12 posts by independent opticians (along with my annotations about why they worked so well *) and ..

  1. you will find posting to Facebook to be quicker, easier and more exciting, and
  2. everyone will wonder where you suddenly got your superpowers from (I won't tell)

Buy it here:

Catch you later ..

All the best

John Allsopp

PS. It's a launch offer price (£11.99) only for June 2018.

PPS. I guarantee you'll be happy with the report I'll send you. If for some crazy reason you're not happy, just email me and I'll give you your money back and you can still keep the report. You don't even have to tell me the crazy reason. Happiness guaranteed. No risk. Probably superpowers.

* I've been a marketer since 1981 (so I know what I'm talking about)